Are there any specific installation requirements for Hydrant valves?

When installing hydrant valves, ensure the following –

  • Ensure that the mating flange of the hydrant post is matching to the valve inlet flange.
  • Orientation of hydrant valve outlet should be as per standard practices and should allow easy connection of hoses.
  • Use approved gasket between flanges, and good quality nuts/ bolts
  • Ensure minimum height of 750 mm from grade level.
  • Ensure that the hydrant valve rated working pressure is matching to the hydrant system line pressure. If hydrant system pressure is higher, ensure that the hydrant valves are rated for a higher pressure, which matches system pressure.
  • If Orifice plates are required to be used, ensure that these are of standard size, and provided by the original supplier. Installation of orifice plates should be as per standard practices.
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