What are the basic types of handline nozzles?

There is no standard classification of handline nozzles, as they can be sub-divided into different types depending upon on pattern, flow quantity, etc. Normally they are classified as follows –

  • Solid bore nozzles (which discharge water in form of a solid jet only)
  • Combination or Spray nozzles (or Jet/Spray type nozzles) which discharge in form of a hollow jet, narrow fog or wide fog. These can be further sub-divided into –
    • Constant flow nozzles (those discharging same flow at a given pressure)
    • Variable flow nozzles (flow can be varied manually for a given pressure)
    • Automatic nozzles (flow varies depending upon pressure)
  • Multipurpose nozzles (those discharging water in form of a solid jet as well as spray, even simultaneously).
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