What are the normal maintenance requirements for monitors?

When tested and maintained regularly, monitors will give effective service when called upon to do so in an emergency. Monitors require minimal maintenance, however problems can occur due to entry of stones/ debris into the lines. For foam monitors, the foam solutions used (especially AFFF) are corrosive in nature, and if monitor is not flushed properly after operation, this can cause development of corrosive flakes/ pieces, which may cause problems during operation. Normal maintenance activities include –

  • Periodic visual inspections (at least monthly)
  • Periodic operational tests (as mandated by manufacturer/ site requirement)
  • Proper flushing of foam monitors after operation.
  • Greasing of swivel joints at specified intervals.
  • Periodic replacement of rubber washers/ gaskets as required by site conditions.
  • Periodic painting of external body (as required by site conditions).
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