What are the standard capacities of Low expansion Foam branches? Can the capacities be identified from the model?

Though the flow capacity of Low Expansion (LX) Foam branches can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, standard foam branches are normally designed for the following capacities – 200/225 lpm (FB 5X) 400/450 lpm (FB 10X), 800/900 lpm (FB20X) (Note – all flows at 7 kg/cm2 inlet pressure).

Flow capacities for AAAG LX Foam branches can be identified from the model – the ‘5’ & ‘10’ in the FB5X and FB10X refer to flow of 50 and 100 Gallons (British) per minute. This converts to 225 lpm (for FB5X) and 450 lpm (for FB10X) using conversion of 1 Gallon (British) = 4.5 Litres. The ‘X’ in the model number refers to expansion ratio of the branch i.e. roman numerical ‘X’ indicates approximately 10 times expansion.

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