What is the difference between self-inducting Foam branches and those employing Inline inductors?

Self inducting foam branches allow induction to be carried out at the branch, while for foam branches employing inline inductors, induction takes place at the inductor. Normally, operation of foam branches using Inline Inductors is preferred where the fire risk is higher, and it would not be safe to do the induction at the branch (as it involves supplying foam concentrate containers near the branch, and may hamper the movement of the foam branch operator). Hence foam branches with inline inductors are preferred where there is a risk of combustible and flammable liquid fires.

Technically, there is little difference in both types of operation i.e. operating range, expansion, etc at the same inlet pressure at branch. Foam quality also can be expected to be the same whether using self inducting foam branches or those employing inline inductors.

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