Master Stream Nozzles, Aluminium

Master Stream Nozzles, Aluminium


Product Description

AAAG Super Stream Nozzle, made of Aluminium alloy, suitable for 63/75/100/150 mm waterway size monitor. Nozzle shall have nominal flow of 1750/2580/3500/7575 lpm, at 7 kg/cm2, and give superior range jet as well as narrow and wide angle spray. It shall have swivel inlet matching to monitor threads, Jet/ Spray changeover arrangement, and Rubber bumper.

Download Data Sheets

1750 lpm (500 gpm) capacity, Aluminium 2850 lpm (750 gpm) capacity, Aluminium 3800 lpm (1000 gpm) capacity, Aluminium 7575 lpm (2000 gpm) capacity, Aluminium

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